Winter Session

Winter Session 2024-2025 - Information will be posted prior to the start of the fall semester.


Winter Session 2023-2024 Student Account Charges & Payment Options

Winter Session tuition charges are posted to the student account beginning on November 20, 2023 and charges are  due December 15, 2023.  Charges are posted once a student registers for a Winter Session course. Please review the Payment Options available to U.S. and international students and the Financial Policies regarding late payment fines and financial holds. 

(Registration takes place 11/16/23 through 12/18/23 and courses run 12/2/23 through 1/23/24.)

Winter Session meals and​ housing​ are not automatic; students must take action to request meals and housing. 
The Winter Housing request form is available beginning in mid-November (contact [email protected]).  The dining portal opens on November 16, 2023 for students to make winter dining selections (contact [email protected]).

Winter Financial Aid may be available. Scholarship eligible students will be notified of their Winter Grant amount by email from the Office of Financial Aid by mid-November. Contact [email protected] with questions about winter aid. 

Winter Session 2023-2024 Charges

Tuition (per course)


Winter Session Housing (if requested) $45/day 

Meal Plan  - Students may request a meal plan through the dining portal beginning 11/16/23.  Dates for all meal plans below are 12/22/23-1/23/24.

Winter Session  (Wkly plan automatically replenishes with 20 meals every Sunday)

Winter Block (20 Meals, does not automatically replenish)  

Winter Block Refills 20 (20 Meals, requires initial purchase of Winter Block)

Winter Block Refills 10 (10 Meals, requires initial purchase of Winter Block)






Tuition Leave Refund Policy

Students who leave the University or change their enrollment status during Winter Session are eligible for tuition payment refunds according to the following schedule.  Note: Courses that do not meet the minimum number of students will not run during Winter Session. Tuition charges for canceled courses will be reversed on the student account.


Tuition Percentage Refunded

2023-2024 Dates

Prior to Day 1


Before December 22, 2023

By Day 2


December 22-23, 2023

Day 3


December 24-27, 2023

Day 4


December 28, 2023

Day 5


December 29, 2023

After Day 5


After December 29, 2023

Visit Degree Requirements for policies related to Winter Session and degree completion. 

Credit Balance Refunds

Visit Student Account Refund of Overpayments for information regarding credit balance refunds.