Course Development Funds

Innovative course development is fundamental to Brown’s open curriculum. Mini-grants support small-scale projects, materials, or activities in undergraduate classes. Larger grants are available to develop new undergraduate courses or revise existing courses in ways that promote strategic initiatives. Brown faculty scheduled to teach courses in the current and/or following academic year are eligible to apply. Recipients will typically be expected to report on their funded activities and the outcomes of the curriculum (re)design. Funds are not eligible for faculty summer salary compensation. 

Most applications open August 15 for the following academic year. 

Course Development Projects

Samples of successful proposals may be shared upon request. Proposals for courses that meet the following institutional priorities are particularly encouraged:

Course Type or Topic Grant Opportunity Amount Deadline Application Link
Courses on Race, Power, and Privilege  Request for Proposals -- Priority given to survey or introductory (below 1000-level) courses Up to $5,000

November 10 (for use the following Spring)

April 10 (for use the following Summer/Fall)

Application opens August 15 each year

General Course development projects in the humanities and social sciences

Priority given to new or re-designed: 

- Online courses

- First-Year Seminars (Program Description | Request for Proposals)

- Sophomore Seminars (program desciption | Request for Proposals)

Up to $4,000


November 10 (for use the following Spring)

April 10 (for use the following Summer/Fall)

Application opens August 15 each year

Courses on data science across disciplines and in science technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

Funding for a course in the biological and physical sciences or an interdisciplinary course that straddles the sciences




November 10 (for use the following Spring)

April 10 (for use the following Summer/Fall)


Zern Application opens Aug 15

Documentary film courses Tarrant Endowed Teaching Fund 
supports activities (in or outside of a course) that explore issues of social and cultural importance through documentary film. 


November 10 (for use the following Spring)

April 10 (for use the following Summer/Fall)

Application opens August 15
Travel-Embedded Courses for 1-2 faculty and up to 12 undergraduates (semester or Winter Session)

Curriculum Development (Global Experiential Learning and Teaching Grant, Phase I)

Travel/Implementation Grant (Global Experiential Learning and Teaching Grant, Phase II)

Up to $4,000


Up to $35,000

Typically February

Email [email protected] with questions.


Past recipients are showcased in News from Brown and the Brown Daily Herald

Summer and Winter Session Courses See the Division of Pre-College and Undergraduate Summer and Winter Session's Website  Up to $4,000 Rolling [email protected]

Mini-Grants for Course Enhancement 

Salomon Curricular Mini-grants provide up to $500 to support the integration of learning activities into an existing undergraduate course with at least ten enrolled students. Funds may be used to support guest speakers, to purchase materials for a course, and to finance class field trips (see the University Policies on course-related travel, and, if necessary, download student travel waiver forms), among other expenses. Given our institutional commitment to equity and inclusion of all students regardless of available financial resources, we urge instructors to consider including requests for expenses that students might otherwise incur, including costs related to student projects and research.

Deadlines for 2022-23 will be as follows:

For Fall 2022 Courses: September 12, 2022 & November 10, 2022
For Spring 2023 Courses: February 10, 2023 & April 10, 2023

With the exception of September, when the volume tends to be highest, faculty can expect to hear back within approximately two weeks of the deadline. Applications submitted after a deadline will be considered after the next deadline has passed. Faculty who have already received a grant during a given academic year may submit another proposal for the April 10 deadline if additional funds remain. 

Community-Based Learning and Research (CBLR) Course Mini-Grants provide up to $500 to support expenses related to implementing an engaged course, such as honoraria for community-based guest speakers and partners; or printing, supplies, or small equipment necessary to complete engaged projects. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis in UFunds.

For any questions regarding course development funds, please contact the College at [email protected]