Writing Fellows Courses

Writing Fellows courses help students improve their writing skills by working with a Brown undergraduate who has been trained in composition and pedagogy. In a “fellowed” course, students receive detailed commentary on at least two paper drafts during the semester. Professors receive the first drafts, with annotations by the Writing Fellows, and the final papers, so that they may review the process of their students’ work.

Writing Fellows do not grade papers. As peers, Fellows serve as sympathetic readers, providing informed, constructive criticism directed toward the argumentation, analysis, organization, clarity, and style of papers. After drafts of papers are returned, Writing Fellows meet with each of their Fellowees in conference. These conferences allow students to discuss revision strategies and to work through additional concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about the Program, or wish to request that a Fellow be assigned to one of your classes, please contact Stacy Kastner, Associate Director of the Writing Center.