Addiction and Recovery

Brown University is committed to the maintenance of a campus environment that supports all students in achieving their academic goals.

In 1977, Brown President Howard Swearer was at the forefront of a revolution in higher education when he supported Bruce E. Donovan ‘59, Professor of Classics, in founding the Dean for Chemical Dependency role in the Dean of the College Office (later endowed in 2004).  Dean Donovan had the foresight to recognize that students who struggled with substance use on campus, and those in recovery, were a campus demographic that needed specific supports. To that end, the University dedicates resources to support students in recovery from addiction and substance use disorders and to assist all students who are negatively affected by their own or others' substance use. 

For more information about available services, please contact Dean for Recovery and Substance-Free Student Initiatives, Lindsay Garcia in The College Office. Brown also has a student club called SoBear: Being Sober - Having Fun. You can find out more about their events on their facebook page here. The SoBear Activities Club gives students the opportunity to participate in fun social activities without the presence of alcohol or drugs or others who are under the influence of these substances.

The Early Recovery Group (EROB) is a weekly, one-hour meeting for Brown students who have made a commitment to try and abstain from a problematic substance. The group provides a safe environment for discussion of matters related to recovery in general and to life as a college student at Brown in particular. The ultimate objective of the group is to help students develop the social support necessary for sustained recovery from substance use disorder so that they may continue their studies at and ultimately graduate from college. 

There is no requirement that members be affiliated with any other recovery, 12th step, or support group. There is a requirement that the student be committed to trying to abstain from their identified problematic substance. A student wishing to join the Early Recovery Group can meet with Dean Lindsay Garcia.