Poetics of Madness: Aspects of Literary Insanity

0811N [CRN: 23800]

Surveys a wide range of literary texts aiming primarily to trace the long process of transition from pre-modern to modern conceptions of madness, and to codify the symbolic logic and discursive modalities underlying its respective representations. Spanning several centuries of artistic preoccupation with the alienated mind, these texts will serve as guides in an intense exploration of the relationship between insanity and literature, as it has been shaped by a set of social impulses, cultural assumptions, or scientific developments. Authors include Euripides, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Hoffmann, Flaubert, Nerval, Maupassant, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Stevenson, James, Woolf, Breton, and Kazantzakis.
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