Affiliated Academic Staff

  • Chief Curator and Curator of Ancient Art, the RISD Museum

    Gina Borromeo is currently Chief Curator and Curator of Ancient Art at the RISD Museum, where she is responsible for the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman collection. She received her PhD in History of Art and Architecture from Brown in 1993.

  • William Monroe

    Senior Academic Engagement Librarian, University Library

    Box A, John Hay Library, 306

    I am the subject librarian for Early Cultures, Classics, Medieval Studies, Religious Studies, Judaic Studies (premodern), and History of Science (premodern), among other things. I am also the curator of our medieval manuscripts and early printed books, and other similar things in the Special Collections.

  • Robert Preucel

    James Manning Professor of Anthropology, Director of Haffenreffer Museum

    Robert Preucel received his doctorate from UCLA in 1988. He was a member of Jim Hill's Pajarito Archaeological Research Project and wrote his dissertation on seasonal agricultural circulation. He was the 6th Annual CAI Visiting Scholar at SIU Carbondale in 1989 and organized a conference on the Processual/Postprocessual debate.