Medieval Manuscripts at Providence College

Named for its benefactor, William R. Bonniwell, O.P. (1886-1984)Back cover of Missale secundum ordinem praedicatorum Ordinis Sancti Dominici (Missal according to the order of St. Dominic, the Order of Preachers.) Printed in Venetiss, 1494., Providence College's Bonniwell Collection contains approximately 2000 volumes. Mainly relevant to the study of liturgy, printed books from the fifteenth through the twentieth century make up most of its collection. Among the highly prized items are the first one hundred volumes of the editions of the Henry Bradshaw Society (1891-1971) and a fifteenth-century paper manuscript of two treatises by Leonard de Utino:Tractatus de modo offerendi venerabiliam Eucharistiam (copied 1445) and Tractatus de poenitentia. The incunables include a Dominican breviary (Venice: Nicholaus de Franckfordia, 1483), a Dominican missal with musically notated prefaces (Venice: Johannes Hamman dictus Herzog, 1494), and a completely notated Dominican processional (Seville: Meynardus ungut Alamanus and Stanislaus Polonus, 1494.)