Christina Gilligan

Christina Gilligan

J.D., Harvard Law School, 2014.

B.A. English, Indiana University, 2011.

B.S. Public Policy Analysis, Indiana University, 2011.


My research focuses on nineteenth-century British and Anglophone literature and culture. I am particularly interested in gender studies, theories of the novel, and the relation of literature and politics.

Courses Taught:


ENGL0710W Readings in Black and Queer with Prof. Kevin Quashie (Spring 2019);
ENGL0710N Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and the Lost Generation with Prof. Stuart Burrows (Fall 2018)

Research and Teaching Interests:

Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Queer Theory/Gay and Lesbian Studies; Race and Ethnicity; Romantic and Victorian; Studies in the Novel