Christopher M. Lasasso

Christopher M. Lasasso

A.A. Liberal Arts, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, 2015.

B.A. English, Brooklyn College, CUNY, 2019.

[email protected]

In my research and studies of early modern English literature and culture, I approach premodern race through ideas of touch, feel, friction, and form. By focusing on the materiality of race alongside the haptic excesses of early modernity — from Protestant Reformation iconoclasm to early colonial rhetoric of encounters with/in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas — my work explores how these social, cultural, and political moments gave rise to new racial paradigms.

I approach the English theater as a medium of great importance for emerging understandings of premodern race, colonialism, and imperialism, however in my work I take up various kinds of art objects and aesthetic forms in relation to one another. My work tends to be transnational, and at times, transhistorical.

Research and Teaching Interests:

Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Renaissance and Early Modern; Premodern Race, Space, and Place