ENGLISH XLIST for 2017-18

The following courses offered by other departments will fulfill requirements of the English concentration. Please check with the sponsoring department for registration, times, and locations.

HMAN0800A, The Humanities in Context: Literature, Media, Critique (Mahiet), Spring 2018
HMAN 1972X, Kubrick's Work: A study of his Feature Films, Documentaries, and Photography (Rambuss), Fall 2017
HMAN 2400A, Politics and Literature (Anderson/Honig), Spring 2018
HMAN 2400B, Trans/Passing, In Theory (Khalip/Guterl), Fall 2017
HMAN 2971D, Caring for the Truth (Ophir), Fall 2017

Comparative Literature
COLT 0510P, Reading the Renaissance (Foley), Spring 2018
COLT 1814X, Faulkner (Weinstein), Spring 2018

Ethnic Studies
ETHN1750H, Water is Life/New Currents in the Study of Land, Water, and Indigeneity (Warburton), Spring 2018

Gender and Sexuality Studies
GNSS1961J, Make a Body Riot: Laughter, Resistance, and African American Literature (Millan), Spring 2018

Hispanic Studies
HISP 1240O, Theater of Renaissance England and Spain (Bass/Kahn), Fall 2017

Modern Culture and Media
MCM1503E, Aesthetic Theory/Cultural Studies (Rooney), Spring 2018 

Religious Studies
RELS0115, Fiction and the Problems of Faith (Harvey), Spring 2018