Hilary Rasch

Hilary Rasch

B.S. Journalism, Northwestern University, 2012.

M.A. English, Columbia University, 2014.


My dissertation is about harm, care, and resourcefulness as they interface with stuff--particularly trash--,space, and (un)belonging in mediations of everyday life (alongside the occasional burst of utopian fantasy that goes with the territories of disability justice and prison abolition) in North America from the 1980s to the present. I explore these themes as they are developed in alternative forms of memoir and memorialization by a handful of Black and Asian American activist-artists who have been sick or incarcerated in the last four decades. I take an abolitionist lens.


Holding Care in the Hold

Courses Taught

Instructor, ENGL 200: Plague Art: From the Black Death to AIDS, Spring 2019.

Instructor, ENGL 900: Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay, Fall 2018.

Research and Teaching Interests

African American Studies and the Black Atlantic; American Literature and Culture; Gender and Sexuality Studies; 20th-Century and Contemporary; Asian American Studies; Disability Studies; Performance Studies