Literatures of the Color Line 2018-19


Literatures of the Color Line 2018-19

Fall 2018

ENGL0150X, The Claims of Fiction (George)

ENGL0710V, Death and Dying in Black Literature (Quashie)

ENGL1511C, Lincoln, Whitman, and the Civil War (Gould)

ENGL1511P, Realism, Modernism, Postmodernism: The American Novel and its Traditions (Nabers)

ENGL1711D, Reading New York (Katz)

ENGL1711H, Lyric Concepts: Expression and Experiment in Modern and Contemporary Poetry (Smailbegovic)

ENGL1711J, Art for an Undivided Earth: Transnational Approaches to Indigenous Literatures and Arts (Warburton)

ENGL1711L, Contemporary Black Women's Literature (Abdur-Rahman) 

ENGL1760Y, Toni Morrison (Quashie)

Spring 2019

ENGL0710W, Readings in Black and Queer (Quashie)

ENGL1710J, Modern African Literature (George) 

ENGL1761B, Narratives of Blackness in Latinx and Latin America (Ramirez)

*Cancelled 9/26/18*

ENGL1711K, The Politics of Perspective: Post-war British Fiction (Bewes)

*Cancelled 6/26/18*
ETHN1890U/renumbered ETHN1750M (ENGL XLIST), Extravagant Texts: Reading the World Through Asian American Literature (Kim)