Literatures of the Color Line 2019-20

Literatures of the Color Line 2019-20

Fall 2019

ENGL0100F, Devils, Demons, Do-Gooders (Egan)

ENGL0150X, The Claims of Fiction (George)

ENGL0150Y, Brontës and Brontëism (Parker)

ENGL0700E, Postcolonial Literature (George)

ENGL0710B, African American Literature and the Legacy of Slavery (Murray)

ENGL0710X, Black Poetics (Quashie)

ENGL1511A, American Literature and the Civil War (Nabers)

ENGL1711H, Lyric Concepts: The Question of Identity in Modern and Contemporary Poetry (Smailbegovic)

ENGL1711N, Monsters in Our Midst: The Plantation and the Woods in Trans-American Literature (Ramirez)

ENGL1760Y, Toni Morrison (Quashie) 

Spring 2020

ENGL0100N, City Novels (Katz)

ENGL0710V, Death and Dying in Black Literature (Quashie)

ENGL0710Y, The Literature of U.S. Inequality, 1945-2020 (Nabers)

ENGL1710P, The Literature and Culture of Black Power Reconsidered (Murray)

ENGL1761V, The Korean War in Color (Kim)

ENGL1901J, Fanon and Spillers (Quashie)

ENGL1950H, The Recent Novels and Its Cultural Rivals (Nabers)