Area III 2010-2011

Course # Semester CRN Instructor(s) Section Title
ENGL0610E     1 14019 George Postcolonial Lit
ENGL0610J     1 15401 Bewes Contemporary British Fiction
ENGL0610K     1 14049 Katz/Kim 20th-Century Literatures in English
ENGL0650H     1 11419 Armstrong Realism and Modernism
ENGL0650M (JUDS0050A)     1
Jacobson Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists
ENGL0800B     1 15405 Murray African American Literature and the Legacy of Slavery
ENGL0800C     2 25158 Reichman Writing War
ENGL0800G (AFRI0950)     1
Lamming History, Literature, The Caribbean Novel
ENGL0800H (AFRI1050M)     2
Terry-Morgan Black Lavender: Black Gay/Lesbian Plays?Dramatic Constructions in American Theatre
ENGL1610     2 23513 Blasing American Poetry II: Modernism
ENGL1710D     2 25171 Landow Anglo-American Nonfiction: Sages, Satirists, and New Journalists
ENGL1710G     1 15419 Weinstein Faulkner
ENGL1710H     1 15420 Murray Black Internationalism and African American Literature
ENGL1710I     2 25173 Murray Harlem Renaissance: The Politics of Culture
ENGL1710J     1 14029 George Modern African Literature
ENGL1760B     2 25174 Murray Contemporary African American Literature and the End(s) of Identity
ENGL1760E     1 15421 Reichman Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
ENGL1760I     2 21227 Bewes "Terrible Beauty": Literature and the Terrorist Imaginary
ENGL1761P     2 23514 Blasing Yeats, Pound, Eliot
ENGL1761Q     1 16067 Bewes W. G. Sebald and Some Interlocutors
ENGL1761R     1 15442 Kim The Non-Fiction of Race in 20th-Century American Culture
ENGL2760B     1 15427 Katz City, Culture, and Literature in the Early Twentieth Century
ENGL2760W     2 25204 Burrows American Literature and the Visual Arts
ENGL2760X     2
Bewes After Postmodernism: New Fictional Modes