Historical Development of Literature 2010-2011

Course # Semester CRN Instructor(s) Section Title Historical Development Designation
ENGL0210B     1 15399 Feerick The Romance of Travel Renaissance & Early Modern
ENGL0410F     2 25154 Egan Devils, Demons, and Do-Gooders 18th/19th Century
ENGL0410G     2 23942 Keach Literature and Revolutions, 1640-1840 18th/19th Century
Renaissance & Early Modern
ENGL0410K     1 15430 Gould The Transatlantic Novel: Robinson Crusoe to Connecticut Yankee 18th/19th Century
ENGL0410L     1 16109
Redfield Literature, Trauma, and War 18th/19th Century
ENGL0610E     1 14019 George Postcolonial Lit 20th/21st Century
ENGL0610J     1 15401 Bewes Contemporary British Fiction 20th/21st Century
ENGL0610K     1 14049 Katz/Kim 20th-Century Literatures in English 20th/21st Century
ENGL1210     1 14853 Adams History of the English Language Medieval
ENGL1310A     1 15410 Rabb Firing the Canon : Early Modern Women Writers Renaissance & Early Modern
18th/19th Century
ENGL1310V     1 15412 Bryan Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales Medieval
ENGL1310Z     2 25193 Kahn Three Great Poets: Shakespeare, Donne, Milton Renaissance & Early Modern
ENGL1311B     1 15438 Adams Medieval Zoographies and the Origins of the Human Medieval
ENGL1410     1 13577 Blasing American Poetry I: Puritans through the 19th Century 18th/19th Century
ENGL1510E     1 15416 Gould American Renaissance 18th/19th Century
ENGL1510I     1 15417 Rabb The Eighteenth-Century Novel 18th/19th Century
ENGL1610     2 23513 Blasing American Poetry II: Modernism 20th/21st Century
ENGL1710D     2 25171 Landow Anglo-American Nonfiction: Sages, Satirists, and New Journalists 20th/21st Century
18th/19th Century
ENGL1760I     2 21227 Bewes "Terrible Beauty": Literature and the Terrorist Imaginary 20th/21st Century