American, British, or another National/Regional Literature 2010-2011

Course # Semester CRN Instructor(s) Section Title National Literature Cluster
ENGL0210B     1 15399 Feerick The Romance of Travel British
ENGL0250F     1 14014 Foley Shakespeare s Present Tense British
ENGL0400A     1 11418 Kahn Introduction to Shakespeare British
ENGL0400A     2 21077 Feerick Introduction to Shakespeare British
ENGL0410F     2 25154 Egan Devils, Demons, and Do-Gooders American
ENGL0410G     2 23942 Keach Literature and Revolutions, 1640-1840 American
ENGL0450A     1 15400 Burrows Hawthorne and James American
ENGL0600E     1 14018 Keach British Romanticism British
ENGL0600L     2 25186 Nabers The Simple Art of Murder American
ENGL0600M     2 25190 Rabb Madness and Enlightenment: Literature 1660-1800 British
ENGL0610J     1 15401 Bewes Contemporary British Fiction British
ENGL0800B     1 15405 Murray African American Literature and the Legacy of Slavery American
ENGL0800C     2 25158 Reichman Writing War British
Other (designate)
ENGL0800H (AFRI1050M)     2
Terry-Morgan Black Lavender: Black Gay/Lesbian Plays/Dramatic Constructions in American Theatre American
ENGL1310A     1 15410 Rabb Firing the Canon : Early Modern Women Writers British
ENGL1310B     1 15411 Egan American Degenerates American
ENGL1310V     1 15412 Bryan Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales British
ENGL1310Z     2 25193 Kahn Three Great Poets: Shakespeare, Donne, Milton British
ENGL1360A     2 25165 Feerick The Stage As Globe in Renaissance Drama British
ENGL1360S     1 14053 Kahn Between Gods and Beasts: The Renaissance Ovid British
ENGL1360T     1 15439 Feerick Eco-Shakespeare British
ENGL1410     1 13577 Blasing American Poetry I: Puritans through the 19th Century American
ENGL1510E     1 15416 Gould American Renaissance American
ENGL1510I     1 15417 Rabb The Eighteenth-Century Novel British
ENGL1560A     2 25169 Rooney Jane Austen and George Eliot British
ENGL1561G     2 25196 Rabb Swift, Pope, Johnson British
ENGL1561H     2 25197 Ryan The Brain and the Book: Thinking and Reading in the Victorian Novel British
ENGL1610     2 23513 Blasing American Poetry II: Modernism American
ENGL1710G     1 15419 Weinstein Faulkner American
ENGL1710H     1 15420 Murray Black Internationalism and African American Literature American
ENGL1710I     2 25173 Murray Harlem Renaissance: The Politics of Culture American
ENGL1760B     2 25174 Murray Contemporary African American Literature and the End(s) of Identity American
ENGL1760E     1 15421 Reichman Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? British
ENGL1760V     2 25175 Reichman Lying, Cheating, and Stealing British
Other (designate)
ENGL1761P     2 23514 Blasing Yeats, Pound, Eliot American
ENGL1761R     1 15442 Kim The Non-Fiction of Race in 20th-Century American Culture American
ENGL1910C (AFRI1110)     1
Terry-Morgan Voices Beneath the Veil American