American, British, or another National/Regional Literature 2009-2010

Course # Semester Instructor(s) Section Title National Literature Cluster
ENGL0250F     1 Foley Shakespeare's Present Tense British
ENGL0400A     2 Feerick Introduction to Shakespeare British
ENGL0400A     1 Kahn Introduction to Shakespeare British
ENGL0410A     1 Ryan Literature and the Fantastic British
ENGL0410G     2 Keach Literature and Revolutions, 1640-1840 American
ENGL0450A     2 Burrows Hawthorne and James American
ENGL0450D     1 Nabers The Simple Art of Murder American
ENGL0450E     1 Egan Inventing America American
ENGL0600C     2 Ryan The Victorian Novel British
ENGL0600D     1 Gould Mark Twain s America American
ENGL0600E     1 Keach British Romanticism British
ENGL0600K     2 Gould Fictions and Frauds: Literature and the Historical Imagination American
ENGL0610H     2 Nabers Cultures and Countercultures: The American Novel after World War II American
ENGL1310H     2 Egan The Origins of American Literature American
ENGL1310J     2 Foley Imagining the Individual in Renaissance England British
ENGL1310T     2 Bryan Chaucer British
ENGL1310Y     1 Foley Besides Paradise Lost: Milton's Other Poems British
ENGL1360F     1 Bryan Quest, Vision, Diaspora: Medieval Journey Narratives British
ENGL1360O     2 Feerick The Ties That Bind: Domestic Friction and Renaissance Drama British
ENGL1410     1 Blasing American Poetry I: Puritans through the 19th Century American
ENGL1511G     1 McLaughlin Dickens and Others British
ENGL1511H     1 Nabers Literature of the American Renaissance American
ENGL1560B     2 Gould Melville American
ENGL1560V     1 Egan The Lives of a Text American
ENGL1560Y     2 Khalip The Ethics of Romanticism British
ENGL1561E     2 Nabers The Western American
ENGL1710J     1 George Modern African Literature African
ENGL1710N     2 Burrows Photography and the American Novel American
ENGL1710W     2 Armstrong Literary Impressionism British
ENGL1760B     1 Murray Contemporary African American Literature and the End(s) of Identity American
ENGL1760P     2 Kim Extravagant Texts Experiments in Asian American Writing American
ENGL1760Q     1 Armstrong James Joyce and the Modern Novel British
ENGL1760R     2 Katz The Roaring Twenties American
ENGL1760T     2 George Literary Africa African
ENGL1761P     2 Blasing Yeats, Pound, Eliot American
ENGL2360H     1 Feerick Race and Place in Renaissance Literature British
ENGL2560V     1 Gould Transatlantic Studies American
ENGL2560X     2 Rabb The Eighteenth-Century Novel British
ENGL2760A     1 Blasing American Modernist Poetry and Poetics American
ENGL2760H     1 Kim Nationalizing Narratives: Studies in the Twentieth-Century U.S. Novel American
ENGL2760U     2 Murray Reading the Black Masses in Literature and Critical Practice American