Theory 2016-2017

Theory 2016-2017

Semester I

ENGL1760X, The Men's Film, c. 2011 (Rambuss)

ENGL1900D, Literature and Politics (Keach)

ENGL1900R, Queer Relations: Aesthetics and Sexuality (Khalip)

Semester II

ENGL0700P, Reading Practices: An Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL1140A, The Literary Scholar (Stanley)*

ENGL1190S, Poetics of Narrative (Stanley)*

ENGL1561W, On Being Bored (Khalip)

ENGL1710R, Recent Experiments in American Fiction (Bewes)
added 1/30/17

ENGL1711G, Refiguring Expression: The Feeling of Voice in Modern and Contemporary Poetry (Smailbegovic)

ENGL1760I, "Terrible Beauty": Literature and the Terrorist Imaginery (Bewes)

ENGL1900J, Zoopoetics (Smailbegovic)

ENGL1901F, Art of Criticism (Anderson)

*For those concentrators declared in the Nonfiction Track, this Nonfiction course need not count as one of the three (3) Nonfiction electives and may fulfill a literature requirement.