Theory 2018-19

Literary Theory and Cultural Critique 2018-2019

Fall 2018

ENGL0710L, Ishiguro, Amongst Others (Bewes)

ENGL1711J, Art for an Undivided Earth: Transnational Approaches to Indigenous Literatures and Arts (Warburton)

ENGL1900D, Literature and Politics (Keach)

ENGL1900K, Reading Sex (Khalip)

ENGL1901G, Tiny Politics: Non-Monumental Ecologies and Poetic Forms of Attention (Smailbegovic)

ENGL2561S, Corporate Aesthetics (Nabers) 

ENGL2901J, Classical and Post-Classical Narratology (Armstrong) 

Spring 2019

ENGL0150W, Literature and the Visual Arts (Armstrong)

ENGL0710W, Readings in Black and Queer (Quashie)

ENGL1140A , Intellectual Pleasures: Reading/Writing the Literary Text (Stanley)* 
(formerly: The Literary Scholar)

ENGL1190S, Poetics of Narrative (Stanley)*

ENGL1711K, The Politics of Perspective: Post-War British Fiction (Bewes)

ENGL1760J, Reading Gravity's Rainbow (Burrows)

ENGL1761Q, W.G. Sebald and Some Interlocutors (Bewes)

ENGL1900Y, Medieval Manuscript Studies (Bryan)

ENGL1901H, The 60s: Film Countercultures (Rambuss)

ENGL1950J, Reading Literature in a Digital World (Egan)

ENGL2761N, Theories of Affect: Poetics of Expression (Kim/Smailbegovic)

ENGL2900N, Ethical Turns in Psychoanalysis and Literature (Reichman)

* For those concentrators declared in the Nonfiction Track, this Nonfiction course need not count as one of the three (3) Nonfiction electives and may fulfill a literature requirement.