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The program in Economics at Brown trains students in economic theory and the tools of economic analysis. Through course work, participation in seminars, and supervised research, students are taught to conduct theoretical and empirical research at the highest level. The work in the program is demanding and the standards of performance are high. The department's reputation for providing superb training has enabled its graduates to compile an excellent placement record, including major research universities, prestigious liberal arts colleges, government and international agencies, and private industrial, consulting, and research firms. The department faculty includes the editor of the Journal of Economic Growth, a past editor of the American Economic Review, several fellows of the Econometric Society, several Sloan fellows, several Guggenheim fellows, and several associates and fellows of the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Center for Economic Policy Research.

The atmosphere in the department is highly collegial, and interaction among faculty members and graduate students is easy and extensive. The department hosts five weekly seminars (Economic Theory, Macroeconomics, Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics, and Race & Inequality).

Additional resources: The department maintains close links with the Population Studies and Training Center, which provides support for students doing research in population economics and economic development, as well as with the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, which hosts an interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Development.

Completion Requirements
Ph.D.: Eight basic courses; core exams at the end of the first year in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics; seven advanced courses with grade of B or better; field exam; third-year research paper; seminar presentations; dissertation.

Admission Information
GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Not required
Application deadline: December 15