Art and Ecological Responsibility

Art & Ecological Responsibility:

Exploring the potentials of Aesthetics

in and of the Environment 

A lecture series on paysagisme,

land art, sustainable agriculture

& the connections among them




Friday, Oct 26:   7:00:   Gilles Tiberghien: Paysagisme   Granoff Bldg. Martinos Auditorium 

a slide lecture in which Prof. Tiberghien will present the French concept of paysagisme, its main practitioners and relationship to environmental issues, followed by a reception

Thursday Nov 1:   6:00:   Faculty & community presentations   Granoff Bldg. Studio 2 

a reception in which people from local communities, including Brown faculty, who are working in ways that blend aesthetics, sustainability, and ecological responsibility will give brief 10-minute presentations of their work. 

Adam Anderson RISD, Landscape Architecture  

Geri Augusto, Brown's Center for Slavery & Justice / International & Public Affairs

Tess Brown-Lavoie, sustainable farmer & poet 

Mark Cladis, Brown, Religious Studies, ethics and environmental thought  

David Kim, RISD, creative technologist at the Nature Lab  

Lenore Manderson, Institute at Brown for Environment & Society

Lucia Monge, RISD & Brown Visual Arts Dept.

Kate Schapira, Brown., Creative non-fiction/poetry

Maggie Spivey-Faulkner, Harvard Society of Fellows, early Native American studies

Friday Nov 2:   7:00:   Gilles Tiberghien: Land Art   McCormack Theater, Fones Alley 

a slide lecture in which Prof. Tiberghien will present the largely-American movement known as Land Art, both its history and its present, followed by a reception

Friday Nov 9:   7:00:   Antoine Jacobsohn: Sustainable Gardening   Granoff Bldg. Martinos Auditorium 

A slide lecture in which A. Jacobsohn will discuss the "Potager du Roi," the King's vegetable garden, established by Louis XIV at Versailles and currently run as an ongoing experiment in sustainable gardening, followed by a reception.

Biographical notes: 

Gilles Tiberghien, agrégé in philosophy, teaches at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and has written two books on land-based visual arts: Land Art and Nature, Art, Paysage, and has written extensively on contemporary landscape artists and designers.

Antoine Jacobsohn has degrees from Cornell University, Paris 8, and the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. He is the director of the Potager du Roi, which also houses the École nationale supérieure de paysage, Versailles. He writes on the history of French agriculture and on contemporary movements that advocate "gardening with, not against, nature."

Sponsored by the "French Center for Excellence"

in the Cogut Institute for the Humanities,

the Brown Arts Initiative,

and Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne