Literary Arts Courses

Literary Arts offers a mixture of workshops, seminars and hybrid workshop/seminar courses each semester, many of which are special topics (and are subject to change from one semester to the next). Please refer to the University's online course listings for up-to-date information about our classes. When navigating this site, our four-letter code (for title/tag/subject area) is LITR.

For undergraduates at Brown and RISD interested in taking introductory workshops:

LITR 110A (Fiction), LITR 110B (Poetry), LITR 110D (Digital Language Art) and LITR 110E (Screenwriting) are for all undergraduate students. Many of these will have further enrollment restrictions during the registration period. 

For undergraduates at Brown and RISD interested in taking intermediate workshops:

Writing samples are due between 1 September and by day's end on Wednesday, 9 September. 

For undergraduate and graduate students at Brown and RISD interested in taking advanced workshops and special topics workshops plus LITR 1230Y (Structuring [and De-Structuring] Novels):

Writing samples are due by day's end on Wednesday, 9 September. 

Literature Seminars and courses for Undergraduates: LITR 1200 (Writers On Writing), LITR 1230E (Form and Theory of Fiction),  LITR 1231K (Innovations in Indian Literature): Most sections are filled through open enrollment during the registration period. In cases where permission overrides are required, details related to this may be listed under the regisration details in Courses at Brown. If no details are provided, contact the instructor by electronic mail.

Classes not listed here are for offered for particular Literary Arts honors candidates or MFA candidates and those students have been contacted about these classes directly.