Literary Arts faculty members are practicing writers who are active in the worlds of publishing, editing, translation, web-based film and production, and scholarship.   They work with undergraduate students and with graduate students who are seeking the MFA degree, offering genre-specific and multidisciplinary writing workshops, reading and writing courses, and special topics seminars.   Literary Arts faculty members also serve as advisors for undergraduate honors theses and for MFA theses.

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Lori Baker

John Cayley

Colin Channer

Andrew Colarusso

Laura Colella

Mónica de la Torre

Thalia Field 

Forrest Gander  

Ian Hatcher

Joanna Howard

Carole Maso

Erica Mena

Rick Moody

Sawako Nakayasu

Gale Nelson 

Eleni Sikelianos

Meredith Steinbach

Cole Swensen

Anne Waldman