International Writers Project

The International Writers Project at Brown University provides institutional, intellectual, artistic and social support to writers who face personal danger and threats to their livelihood in nations throughout the world.  Each academic year, the Project sponsors a resident fellowship for one writer who feels unable to practice free expression at home.  

Fellowships cover the costs of relocation and the writer's expenses in the U.S., and provide an office on the campus of Brown University for ten months.  Deeply practical in nature and intention, the International Writers Fellowships allow persecuted writers to establish a new environment in which to pursue their work.

In addition to providing support for the writer-in-residence, Brown's International Writers Project sponsors festivals celebrating the cultural heritage of each Fellow, including guest speakers, readings and workshops by other writers, panels on current international issues, films and theatrical productions, and art exhibits with a shared national or cultural theme.  Every year, the Project sponsors a speaker series featuring significant writers from around the world.