Writing Sample Process for Spring 2022 Workshops

Classes listed below require writing samples. These classes will NOT meet on 26, 27 and 28 January (as the class list will not yet be determined). These classes will begin to meet on Monday, 31 January.

Writing samples may be submitted once a link is provided for a given course and are due by 5 pm EDT on Wednesday, 26 January (some instructors may accept writing samples through 5 pm EDT on 27 or 28 January; those links will remain active until that time). Class lists will be posted on Monday, 31 January.

All writing samples will be submitted electronically. From the list below, select the course(s) to which you wish to apply. You'll be asked to complete a short survey and be directed as to where to send a writing sample  [note: links will be put up by day's end on 2 September -- please do not reach out to instructors in advance of that date]

Learn more about the writing sample process (suggested length of sample, for instance).

LITR 210A, Sec. 1 -- Fiction Writing II 

LITR 210A, Sec. 2 -- Fiction Writing  II 

LITR 210B, Sec. 1 -- Poetry Writing II

LITR 031V, Sec. 1 – Spaces and Places

LITR 310W, Sec. 1 – Digital Utopias, Dystopian Time

LITR 1010A, Sec. 1 -- Advanced Fiction 

LITR 1010B, Sec. 1 -- Advanced Poetry 

LITR 1010R, Sec. 1 – Performance Dimensions of Text

LITR 1110V, Sec. 1 -- Script to Screen: Scene Work

LITR 1150B, Sec. 1 -- The Foreign Home

LITR 1152B, Sec. 1 -- Ekphrasis in Action

LITR 1152C, Sec. 1 -- Writers in the Community 

LITR 1152I, Sec. 1 – Poets' Tour of the Essay