Center For Alcohol and Addiction Studies

Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University

Our mission is to promote the identification, prevention, and effective treatment of alcohol and other drug use problems in our society through research, education, training, and policy advocacy.


Our faculty conducts empirical research in a variety of areas of alcohol abuse/dependence, drug abuse/dependence and tobacco use, ranging from laboratory investigations of mechanisms through treatment or early intervention to policy. Funding comes from the federal government and a variety of foundations.


We provide comprehensive training in how to conduct excellent research to predoctoral and postdoctoral research fellows. Faculty conduct clinical training seminars for practitioners at national and regional conferences.


Faculty are involved in developing training curricula for medical schools and addiction training for clinicians as part of the ATTC. The CAAS houses the largest library of material on Alcoholics Anonymous, in conjunction with the Brown University library system.


Faculty are involved in Physicians and Lawyers for National Drug Policy to align policy, practice, and public understanding with the scientific evidence that addiction is a preventable and treatable disease; to support the use of evidence-based, cost-effective approaches toward prevention and treatment; and to enable lawyers and physicians to provide effective and sustained leadership in this effort.

Center Leadership

Peter M. Monti, Ph.D., Center Director 

Suzanne Colby, Ph.D., Associate Director
Jeffrey Griffin, Associate Director, Finance and Administration
Christopher Kahler, Ph.D., Associate Director of Biostatistics
Damaris Rohsenow, Ph.D., Associate Director
Robert Swift, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Director