New Leaders Bring Global, National Expertise to the Brown School of Public Health

The Brown University School of Public Health is welcoming new leaders bringing global and national expertise to advance the school’s work on pandemic preparedness and mis/disinformation.

Students unite to take a hands-on, DIY approach to improving air quality

An event hosted by Brown’s School of Public Health brought students together to build low-cost, highly effective Corsi-Rosenthal cubes as air filters that will augment existing filtration systems at Brown.

Erica Walker Awarded Pioneering Ideas Grant to Measure Environmental Quality in Metro Jackson, Mississippi


The founder of the Community Noise Lab will partner with the Piney Woods School on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded study of the air, noise, and water quality of the Jackson, Mississippi Metro area.

People of color, women and those with health conditions among veterans at high risk of food insecurity

New findings about military veterans at the highest risk for food insecurity can help connect them to food they need for good health and inform interventions to address the larger, long-term issue.

School of Public Health joins Alzheimer's Association on national effort to collect "real world" data on newly-approved treatments

The Department of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health joins the Alzheimer's Association, the American College of Radiology, and the American Society of Neuroradiology in announcing a new national registry, The National Treatment and Diagnostic Alzheimer's Registry, to quickly and transparently advance science by utilizing real-world evidence on new and developing therapies.

Support the Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Please join the School of Public Health in supporting food insecure Rhode Islanders with a donation to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Students set up a Corsi-Rosenthal Cube

School of Public Health Builds and Installs Corsi-Rosenthal Air Cleaners

The effectiveness of low-cost DIY air cleaners is being tested in the School with plans to expand the project across Brown University.

Brown researchers, local partners aim to reduce disparities in COVID-19 vaccination, testing

New federal grants totaling $1.4 million are supporting a partnership between Brown, Progreso Latino, the Rhode Island Quality Institute and others to address barriers to testing and vaccination among high-risk populations.