Research Projects

Brief, Web-Based Intervention to Reduce Heavy Drinking and Encourage Prevention Among High-Risk Men Completing HIV/STI Self-Testing – MPIs: Wray, Tyler; Monti, Peter

The proposed research involves conducting a hybrid 1 effectiveness-implementation trial of a brief web-based intervention designed to provide support alongside HIV and STI self-testing programs and help the high-risk men who use this service to reduce their alcohol use and future risk for HIV. Specifically, we will test whether high-risk men who complete HIV and STI testing and use this theory-driven intervention have lower rates of heavy drinking, bacterial STIs, and sexual risk behavior compared to those who are provided access to a 24-hour helpline alone. This project will also explore several outcomes vital to future efforts to implement the intervention alongside HIV/STI testing programs.


Using Telehealth to Address Alcohol Misuse in HIV Care – PI: Kahler, Christopher

The purpose of the proposed study is to test the real-world effectiveness of the ReACH (Reducing Alcohol use and related Comorbidities in HIV care) telehealth counseling protocol in a pragmatic Hybrid Type 1 effectiveness-implementation randomized trial.


Advancing Integrated Alcohol-HIV Training of Frontline Providers in a Global Priority Setting – MPIs: Becker, Sara; Kuo, Caroline; Sibeko, Goodman.  

The current study proposes to first codify and then conduct comprehensive evaluation of training effectiveness on a range of key implementation science constructs.