Department Leadership

  • Gildasio De Oliveira
    Gildasio De Oliveira, MD, MSCI, MBA

    Chair, Anesthesiologist-in-Chief

  • Paul Carvalho
    Paul Carvalho, CRNA

    Chief CRNA

  • Alexander Cohen
    Alexander Cohen, MD

    Vice Chair for Logistics

  • John Costantino
    John Costantino

    Director of Business Operations

  • Kristopher Davignon
    Kristopher Davignon, MD

    Executive Vice Chair

  • Michelle Gorgone, MD

    Vice Chair for Quality Improvement

  • Christopher Malgieri, MD
    Christopher Malgieri, MD

    Program Director

  • Andrew Maslow, MD

    Vice Chair for Faculty Development

  • Andrew Triebwasser
    Andrew Triebwasser, MD

    Vice Chair for Clinical Operations

Department Administrators

  • Renee Dupre
    Renee Dupre

    Administrative Assistant

  • Stephanie Farias

    Administrative Assistant

  • Lori Haggstrom
    Lori Haggstrom

    Department Assistant

  • silhouette image
    Patricia McLaughlin

    Administrative Assistant

  • Theresa Pennacchia
    Theresa Pennacchia

    Department Assistant

Residency Program Administration

  • Jonathan Argo
    Jonathan Argo, MD

    Assistant Residency Program Director

  • Merrill Caramagno

    Residency Program Coordinator

  • Geoffrey Hayward
    Geoffrey Hayward, MD

    Vice Chair of Education

  • Caroline Hunter
    Caroline Hunter, MD

    Co-Program Director

  • Danielle Pacheco-Bransfield
    Danielle Pacheco-Bransfield

    Administrative Assistant