The University of Rwanda Anesthesiology residency program was established in 2006 as a partnership between University of Rwanda and the Canadian and American Society of Anesthesiologists. The goal of the program is to build capacity for anesthesia training in Rwanda and support the education mission of the residency.

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As part of the global health elective, Brown university residents and faculty will travel to Rwanda and engage with the local residency education and research mission. They will be in charge of supporting all the didactics, simulation workshops as well as intraoperative teaching.

Goals and objectives

  • Gain a broad knowledge of existing healthcare disparities in perioperative patients
  • Develop educational content including lectures, simulation workshops in collaboration with local healthcare providers
  • Maintain a professional and collaborative exchange with international anesthesia providers
  • Learn to provide high quality and cost-effective anesthesia care in a resource limited setting
  • Learn the skills to be increasingly reliant on the physical examination in the perioperative setting
  • Gain exposure to diseases or advanced disease states rarely seen in the US with consideration of optimal perioperative management for these patients
  • Gain exposure to anesthetic medications and equipment rarely used in the US
  • Develop effective skills in cross cultural communication when dealing with patients as well as local healthcare counterparts


  • Anesthesia residents will primarily be located at the University of Rwanda teaching hospitals in Kigali.
  • The resident will actively engage in all perioperative services including Main ORs for adult and pediatric patients, regional anesthesia service, maternity wards and ICU.
  • Clinical experience will include:
    • Daily intraoperative teaching and learning with local faculty and residents
    • During the local residents’ academic day, receive and provide case-based learning sessions, structured lectures, workshops and simulation sessions
    • Journal club to review and discuss recent literature pertinent to global anesthesia

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