Medical school - Michigan State College of Human Medicine

Laura Schroeder was born and raised in Dexter, Michigan.  She graduated from college at Michigan State University, where she studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  She then entered the MD PhD program at Michigan State University.  She completed her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology in May of 2018.  Her dissertation was titled “Assessing the Involvement of Altered Neurotensin Signaling in Anorexia Nervosa.”  Laura pursued her PhD research under the direction of professor of physiology Gina Leinninger, PhD.  Her work focused on how dysregulated signaling via neuropeptide Neurotensin in the brain contributes to disrupted feeding behaviors and energy balance, ultimately promoting disease states, such as Anorexia Nervosa. She then went on to complete her medical degree in May of 2020.  Laura enjoys reading, cooking, painting, and playing the violin in her free time.

Fellowship Position

Neuro-oncology Fellowship - Brown / Rhode Island Hospital