Stephen T. Mernoff, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology (Clinician Educator) and Chief of Neurology at the Providence VA Medical Center, had the opportunity to teach and see patients at two hospitals in Malawi.

Malawi, a nation in southeast Africa about 38 times the size of Rhode Island, has two neurological specialists in the country: one pediatric neurologist and one neurosurgeon, for a population of 18 million people. Dr. Mernoff gained valuable insight into health care delivery at the population level by seeing medical services up close in a very different economic and social environment, while noting that on the individual level that people are unsurprisingly similar with respect to values and health care goals. He came away with a strong sense that global health experiences are invaluable to trainees and experienced physicians alike. 

With Dr. Mike Mbendela, Medical Director of Nkhata Bay District Hospital

With Dr. John Chipolombwe, Medical Director of Mzuzu Central Hospital


Having dinner with Dr. Owen Musopole and his family. Dr. Musopole is the Chief Quality Management Officer, Ministry of Health and Population, Northern Zone, Mzuzu, Malawi