Funding Opportunities for students

Brown University offers a variety of funding opportunities for students interested in global health. Here are a few places to begin your search for funding:

The Framework in Global Health is supported by an educational grant from the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The overall objective of the Framework for Global Health Program is to stimulate students and faculty to engage in multi/interdisciplinary global health activities. The Framework sponsors the Global Health Scholarship program at Brown University, a twice-yearly opportunity to secure funding for a summer global health project, as well as to engage in a structured program in support of the student's global health experience.

Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies is a leading center for research and teaching on international affairs. The Institute's research is organized around some of the most important questions of our time: on the global economy, international security, and global governance. These questions are analyzed through the lenses of multiple academic disciplines with an emphasis on policy relevance.  The Watson Institute offers a number of fellowship opportunities appropriate for global health projects and research.

The Swearer Center for Public Service serves as a hub of debate, study, and action on pressing social issues. Based on our mission and principles, we focus on a set of targeted issues in order to maximize our potential for both community impact and student learning. The Swearer Center offers fellowships, awards, and other funding.

The Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs) fund collaborative projects students undertake with Brown professors. The awards are named for the legendary dean who launched the program at Brown in the 1980s. UTRAs provide students with opportunities to work closely in research situations with faculty members, to participate integrally in the process of course development and revision, and thereby to experience first-hand the work of the college. These collaborative projects can benefit students in several important ways: by providing valuable academic training; allowing students to test their interest in pursuing an academic career; and contributing directly to research and curricular development.

The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University offers Summer Assistantships to current medical students that can be used to support global health projects abroad.

International Health Travel Scholarships (IHTS) are available to 10 PLME undergraduate or medical students annually to support travel to international locations to pursue educational experiences, such as attending summer seminars, conferences, programs, or research, which will benefit the students' professional development.

 Nora Kahn Piore Award  These awards will be made annually to support undergraduate, graduate, and medical students who wish to undertake research in health services, with a focus on health status and access to health care by poor and underserved people

Graduate students are encouraged to check with their respective advisors and program administrators to discover whether departmental funds may be available to them that could be used for summer global health research.