Global Health Courses

The intention of this course listing is to enable interested students to have a wide choice of courses for studying the many social, cultural, economic, epidemiological, public health and biological perspectives that are a necessary part of the interdisciplinary field of international health. This list is only a partial sample of the many courses that are relevant to global health. Students should review the entire course catalog regularly to be aware of other courses not listed as well as new courses. Students are urged to discuss with their instructors ideas for further courses in the many disciplines that contribute to global health.

Africana Studies

AFRI 0090 - An Introduction to Africana Studies
AFRI 0100 - An Introduction to Afro-American Studies


ANTH 0066J - So You Want to Change the World
ANTH 0066K - International Perspectives of Women's Agency and Society
ANTH 0110 - Anthropology and Global Social Problems
ANTH 0200 - Culture and Human Behavior
ANTH 0300 - Culture and Health
ANTH 1020 - AIDS in International Perspective
ANTH 1130 - Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
ANTH 1110 - African Issues in Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 1310 - International Health: Anthropological Perspectives
ANTH 1320 - Anthropology and International Development: Ethnographic Perspectives on Poverty and Progress
ANTH 2200A - International Health
ANTH 2320 - Ideology of Development
ANTH 2300 - Anthropological Demography


BIOL 0030 - Principles of Nutrition
BIOL 0475 - Conservation Medicine
BIOL 1485 - Climate Change Health and Ecology
BIOL 0530 - Principles of Immunology
BIOL 0850 - Biological and Social Context of Disease
BIOL 1550 - Biology of Emerging Microbial Diseases
BIOL 1560 - Virology
BIOL 1600 - Development of Vaccines to Infectious Diseases
BIOL 1920A - Colonialism, Imperialism and Public Health in Africa: Past and Present
BIOL 1920B - Health Inequality in Historical Perspective

Public Health

PHP 0320 - Introduction to Public Health
PHP 0340 - Health and Human Reproduction
PHP 1070 - The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries 
PHP 1100 - Comparative Health Care Systems
PHP 1680H - Nutritional Problems in the Developing World
PHP 1320 - Survey Research in Health Care 
PHP 1680E - Conceptual Issues in Health Policy: Occupational and Environmental Health
PHP 1680H - Nutritional Problems in the Developing World
PHP 2120 - Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research


ECON 2210 - Political Economy I
ECON 1360 - Health Economics
ECON 1510 - Economic Development
ECON 1530 - Health, Hunger and the Household in Developing Countries


ENGN 0930 - Technology and Society Course Series
ENGN 0930A - Appropriate Technology

Environmental Studies

ENVS 0510 - Problems in International Environmental Policy 

Political Science / International Relations

POLS 1420 - International Political Economy of Development
POLS 1450 - Political Economy of Development
POLS 1600 - Political Research Methods


SOC 0150 - Economic Development and Social Change
SOC 0200 - Population and Society
SOC 1100 - Introductory Statistics for Social Research
SOC 1310 - Social Change in Latin America
SOC 1550 - Sociology of Medicine
SOC 1600 - Comparative Development
SOC 1870C - African Development and Demography
SOC 1870V - Households, Work, and Gender
SOC 2230 - Techniques of Demographic Analysis
SOC 2360 - Fertility