Undergraduate Program

The Department offers a concentration in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. Concentrators chose a "track" to study within the concentration -Theatre Arts,  Performance Studies, or Dance.  Students can all find a home in one of the tracks by working with faculty to best design their curricular choices.  

Undergraduates at Brown make theatre, dance, and performance-based work all over campus. Performances have been written for hallways, breezeways, walkways, as well as our theatres.  Work has been produced without a play in mind – improvised, found, choreographed on the spot.  Other work has been incubated and nurtured for years at a time. Well-known plays from the dramatic canon are produced alongside lesser-known newcomers or buried treasures rarely produced.  Some work takes multitudes, other work flies solo. The point is that there is a lot going on in a very exciting atmosphere of creative and intellectual exchange where traditions and heritages of craft are as highly valued as the rough draft of innovation and experimentation.

Classes are a key way to get to know faculty and other students well. But there are also shows to help out on as run crew. There are costumes to design and build, lights to hang, lines to memorize, muscles to stretch, voices to warm, directing projects to propose. There are producing boards to sit on and there are sets to design, productions to stage manage, dances to choreograph, plays to write, songs to write, philosophies to write, and –always – posters to hang.   

Tours of some TAPS facilities are now available for the remainder of the Fall 2021 semester as well as Spring 2022. Jenna Benzinger, our TAPS student administrative assistant, will be glad to set up either an in-person or virtual tour of TAPS and answer questions from the student perspective. Prospective students are invited to request an appointment by emailing [email protected].  

Pippin, 2010Pippin, 2010