Academic Accommodations

Common Academic Accommodations Include:

  •     Extended-time for examinations
  •     Exams in a reduced-distraction space
  •     Use of a secure SAS laptop (USB and networking disabled)
  •     Use of a note taker
  •     Permission to tape-record lectures
  •     Materials in alternate format
  •     Reduced course load with prorated tuition, when appropriate
  •     Extensions on assignments
  •     Use of assistive technology.

How Should Students Request Academic

Once students are approved for academic accommodations by SAS, they can request those academic accommodations in as many or as few courses as they wish. To request accommodations in a particular course,  students should log into the online portal and request accommodation letters for each class where needed. Faculty will receive an email notification to check online for the letter.

We recommend that students email faculty to describe how accommodations will be implemented in the course. We recommend that students communicate with professors early in the semester and at least two weeks before any exam accommodations are needed.