Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with SEAS?

To complete registration with SEAS, you will need to complete a Registration & Release Form, submit documentation (see guidelines for what is needed) and meet with a professional SEAS staff member.

What does the office of SEAS do?

Student and Employee Accessibility Services provides services and reasonable accommodations to qualified Brown students, faculty and staff who register with our office.

Where is the SEAS office located?

We are located at 20 Benevolent Street (across from Keeney Quad, next to the Brown Faculty Club) on the first floor.  Please use our main entrance located on the left side of our building. 

How do I register with the SEAS On Call Shuttle?

The SEAS on Call shuttle registration process can be initiated the first time you ride. Call 401-225-9572 to schedule a first ride directly. To register for the SEAS on Call shuttle, you will need to have documentation concerning your disability or injury including recommendations that support your need for the shuttle and confirm the and time frame in which you will need service.  Documentation may be faxed to us at (401) 863-1444.  You can call SEAS at  (401) 863-9588 to initiate registration as there are also forms that you will need to complete.

For more information about the SEAS On-call Shuttle, please use this link.

What if I need disability related housing accommodations?

If you require disability related housing accommodations, you will need to submit a Housing Accommdation Request. Time frames are crucial with this process to please contact us at SEAS@brown.edu or 401-863-9588 as soon as you realize you may need one.

For more information about housing accommodations, please use this link.

I'm having an event.  How do I plan to make it accessible for all?

The best way is to make sure that your event is in an accessible room and to make sure you let potential attendees know how to reach you if they will need an accommodation, like an interpreter. Please visit the Scheduling Services web site  for additional information. You can also email SEAS@brown.edu or call 401-863-9588 to ask questions about specific venues.

For more information about making events accessible, please use this link to the SEAS page.

What if I need academic accommodations?

If you will be requesting any academic accommodations, you will need to complete registration (see above) and will need to meet with a SEAS staff member to review your documentation, needs and discuss the process for working with your professors. Each semester you will complete a request for academic accommodation form at the beginning of the semester.  After the first semester, a meeting with a SEAS staff member is only required if you need to adjust or change your accommodations. Your letter can be mailed to your campus box or held for pick up.

How accessible is the Brown campus?

Brown is located on a hill and is very historic (quite old), but we are trying to make the campus more accessible with each passing year. We have an accessibility map available online. Paper copies can also be mailed to you. Send requests to SEAS@brown.edu or call 401-863-9588.

What services does SEAS provide for faculty & staff?

SEAS provides accommodations in the workplace,  parking accommodations and SEAS shuttle services access for qualified employees. Employees should email SEAS@brown.edu or call 401-863-9588 to schedule an appointment with Catherine Axe.

How do I apply for disability parking?

You will need to register with SEAS and complete a SEAS parking accommodation request forms. Your documentation must support your request. If you already have a valid state handicapped parking hang tag, a copy of that is usually sufficient. The state tag must be issued in the employee or student's name. Many transportation-related needs within the campus can be met by using the SEAS on Call Shuttle. For more information, email SEAS@brown.edu or call 401-863-9588.

For more information about parking accommodations for students, please use this link.

If I decide to register w/SEAS is my information confidential?

Yes, disability information is confidential and SEAS will seek your permission before sharing information with anyone including your family members. There are some limits to this confidentiality, including any time someone may be a threat to themselves or another person.

How do I arrange to get a sign language interpreter for a departments event?

You may call the Interpreter Referral Service at 222-5300. Or you can contact SEAS and we can assist you in arranging services.  Please note that it sometimes takes a while to secure an interpreter, so please plan accordingly.

I think I may have a learning disability;  how do I go about getting tested?

Please call us at (401) 863-9588 to request a meeting with a SEAS staff member. They can help sort out what some next steps may be and provide information about  professionals in the area that do evaluations.

My grandparents are coming for commencement.  How do I get a wheelchair?

You can call us at (401) 863-9588 and we can provide you with contact information for places in the state who rent out wheelchairs. The Commencement Committee also has a page listing local providers of wheelchairs for rental.

How long does SEAS hold on to students documentation after they graduate?

  We hold on to documentation for 7 - 9 years and shred all information after that time frame.