Students: Accommodations & Services

Accommodations for students with disabilities are intended to provide equal access to courses, services and programs. Students must self-identify as needing accommodations to SAS and then must register and provide documentation to substantiate the need for accommodations.

Academic Accommodation Letters

Student approved for academic accommodations will log into the SAS Student Portal each semester and send their accommodation letters to their faculty each semester. New semester means new faculty. We recommend sending your letters to faculty early in the semester, as accommodations are not retroactive and it does take time to implement certain accomodations.

  • Log onto the SAS Student Portal.
  • Select Academic Accommodation Request.
  • Select Accommodations.
  • Select the class, checkmark needed approved accommodations, click Submit.
  • Faculty will receive an email notification that the accommodation letter is ready to view online.
  • Optional: Click Get Letter to download the PDF for your records.

Please use FirefoxChrome or Internet Explorer browsers to access your letters online. Only the latest version of the Safari browser can properly access the PDF letters.

If you have any questions about this system please email [email protected] or call 401-863-9588.

Examples of Accommodations and Services

Brown provides a range of accommodations and and services to registered students with dcoumented disabilities or medical conditions. Accommodations and services are provided based on student needs and are determined on a case by case basis.

The following are a few examples of the range of accommodations and services provided:

  • Extra time on examinations
  • Use of the Accessibility Shuttle, offering point to point rides on campus
  • Accessible housing
  • Access to print materials in an enlarged or alternate format
  • American Sign Language interpreters
  • Assistive technology

Accommodations may not fundamentally alter essential components of a course or curriculum.