About the Hosts Program

The program provides the opportunity for students to connect with University leaders, alumni, and invited community guests. These student hosts represent the diverse opinions, thoughts, values, and realities of the Brown experience. Meeting and greeting guests at University events and ceremonies, these student hosts are the ambassadors and representatives of the University. Presidential Hosts are committed and dedicated students.

Duties and Responsibilities

The work entails meeting and greeting at lectures, receptions, private dinners, and award ceremonies. Hosts also assist with the logistics of an event to ensure that it runs smoothly. The Office of University Event & Conference Services relies on Presidential Hosts to give visitors a sense of the qualities and the unique ideas of the Brown student community. In turn, Hosts gain valuable interpersonal skills and an opportunity to learn more about planning and executing events.

Each year, the Office of the President and University Events & Conference Services work together with a select group of Presidential Hosts. The application process is both competitive and rigorous. The Presidential Host role requires lots of effort, enthusiasm, energy, poise, and time. The role of a Presidential Host is very important. Hosts represent the student body, and Hosts are often the first and last contacts that visitors or community members have with Brown.