Our services

The ICG works with functional owner(s) to develop an agreed-upon scope, project plan, and timeline for deliverables in order to deliver each project in a timely manner and consistent with prescribed scope and strategic alignment.

Our Experience

Financial Modeling

  • Building Net Present Value (NPV) modeling
  • Enrollment financial impact reporting
  • Space Density benchmarking and modeling
  • New graduate program P&L modeling

Project Coordination and Management

  • Return to campus planning/support
  • Project management support

Financial Planning and Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Interim FP&A support

Cost Analysis

  • Academic Service Center rate analysis
  • Facility Service Fee and Central Fee review
  • School/University MOU review
  • Indirect cost (F&A) rate calculation and proposal

Process Improvement

  • System implementation: Indirect Cost Rate Calculation software
  • Providing functional support for maintaining and enhancing business processes: Adaptive Planning software

Our Project Planning Approach

Working across the teams within the Finance Division as well as stakeholders across the university, the ICG aims to:

  • Aggregate and assess projects from each strategic function 
  • Provide guidance on strategic alignment to achieve the University’s mission 
  • Formalize projects through the development of a scope of work and comprehensive timeline of deliverables
  • Provide dedicated resources for project coordination and completion

Project Intake form

  • Pre project gathering
  • Define/Build project management tools

Project screening and selection

  • Inventory list
  • Comparison of criteria and weighting
  • Build road map

Project Summary

  • Project charter including business requirements, effort commitments, resource

Project Schedule/Plan

  • Detailed project schedule

Meeting minutes

  • Weekly meeting notes, action items, attendees

Project Dashboard

  • List of all active project, status, key deliverables

Project closeout

  • Closeout and portfolio maintenance