The mission of the President’s Staff Advisory Council is to facilitate active and direct communication between University staff and senior administration and to provide a forum for input and discussion of issues important to the staff and the University. It comprises a group of diverse staff from across various University offices and academic departments.

What We Do

In support of its mission, SAC’s guiding principles are to:

  • Act as advisers to the president and senior administrators with the aim of creating a positive working environment for all University employees;
  • Provide staff input into Brown University’s decision‐making processes that directly affect staff;
  • Select staff members to serve on important institutional committees;
  • Provide input on policies and procedures which pertain to or impact staff and the University community;
  • Establish committees and ad hoc groups to develop activities that strive to continually improve communication and morale through special educational, recreational, informational, and community service events;
  • Create networking opportunities for staff across the University;
  • Encourage social responsibility and service to the University and the surrounding community;
  • Provide a supportive network to collaborate with the University in communicating and achieving its goals.

Staff Concerns/Comments


Serving on SAC provides meaningful opportunities for networking and professional development.  We look for applicants who are dedicated, reliable, and able to participate in and support the Council's efforts in various ways: web page upkeep; newsletter preparation; minute taking; event planning; calendar and volunteer monitoring to name a few.  In order to keep the Council's initiatives in motion, SAC membership comes with a time commitment. Lunchtime meetings take place twice a month from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm and some events and activities require an extra time monthly, some of that after standard work hours.  No one is expected to attend all offerings

Please note:   There is no additional compensation (monetary or compensatory time) for attending any SAC meetings or events.  Prior to applying to SAC, if daytime meetings and events occur during your normal working hours, you will need to discuss with, and have approval from, your supervisor.

ELIGIBILITY:  All Brown staff (including staff in bargaining units) are eligible to apply to SAC.  To apply, you must have a minimum of nine months of  regular University employment prior to the start of the term and must serve in a position that is designated as 66% time or greater.

For more details, read the SAC bylaws.