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Recent Past Programs of the Clinical AIDS Task Force (CATF)

  • July 2010:  "Recent Developments in the Neuropharmacology of Alcoholism," Lorenzo Leggio, MD, MSc 
  • August 2010:  "Update on Prevention Studies from the International AIDS Society Conference in Vienna," Kenneth Mayer, MD 
  • September 2010: "Testosterone in Clinical Practice," Martin Miner, MD 
  • October 2010:  "HIV Stigma:  Is It Still an Issue?", C. Leah Holmes, MSW, LICSW 
  • November 2010: "The New HIV Statute & Regulations: Practical Guidance for Rhode Island Clinicians," Karen Tashima, MD 
  • December 2010: "Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Against HIV Infection: A Discussion of iPREX Study Results and the Implications for PrEP Rollout,"Michelle Lally, MD 
  • January 2011:  "HIV Care in the Correctional Setting," Timothy Flanigan, MD, and Josiah Rich, MD 
  • March 2011:  "Increasing STD Rates in Rhode Island—HIV and Syphilis: Collaborative Discussion with the Department of Health on Ways to Address," Nicole Alexander, MD 
  • April 2011:  "The STD Program and Health Care Providers Working Together," Carol Browning, MS, RN, BC, and Michael Gosciminski, MT, MPH 
  • May 2011:  "HIV Research in International Settings," Susan Cu-Uvin, MD, Timothy Flanigan, MD, Rami Kantor, MD, and Awe Kwara, MD