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Prepress Checklist

In order to expedite the prepress process, adhere closely to the criteria below.

If you have any questions during this process, contact Client Relations at 863-2258.


  • Always do a final spell check


  • Supply only colors in the file to be printed
  • Define colors as spot colors and process colors to separate as 4-color process.
  • Define PMS colors identically throughout all imported graphics files
  • Imported images must be built in the correct color space to be separated as required


  • Build a minimum 1/8" bleed into the document.


  • Assure all imported images are the proper resolution for print (300 dpi or higher).
  • Imported images must have the correct corresponding colors to be printed.
  • Build imported images in the correct color space for separations, e.g. CMYK vs. RGB, spot vs. process.
  • Assure all imported images are in an appropriate format for printing, e.g. tiff or eps vs. gif or jpeg.
  • Low-resolution FPO images must replaced with their high-resolution counterpart.


  • Fonts should not be in your imported images. Fonts have been rasterized in Photoshop or converted to outlines in Illustrator.
  • Fonts are defined in document using actual fonts, not QuarkXpress’ or Pagemaker's faux bold or italic.
  • Have both printer and screen fonts available for all typefaces used.

Collect for Output

  • Do a collect your file for output and all images. Fonts and graphics should be nice and neat, in a folder.
  • Provide a composite laser (color if possible) print at 100% unless otherwise noted.
  • Provide a printed and assembled mockup.
  • Mark composite laser prints with notes for the printer.
  • Print a disk directory and highlight file(s) to be output.