Marketing Services Fee Structure

Beginning in January 2019, the Office of University Communications will reduce rates for most of its marketing services (from $100 to $90 per hour) while offering some of its most in-demand services (website setup and strategic consulting) at no cost. This is part of our model of value-added service for Brown clients and partners.

OUC Marketing Services Fees

Not billed
(free of charge)

  • Strategic Consulting for Marketing/Communications Planning
  • Standard Website Setup (Drupal 8 implementation without custom development)
    Note: Projects will be prioritized on a schedule following the 2019 launch of the new
  • Coordination with OUC news and media relations (as applicable)

$90 per hour

  • Digital Marketing Services (includes social media, digital advertising and email marketing)
  • Visual Design Services
  • Web Content Migration
  • Integrated Content Services (billed as part of an integrated project; not available as distinct services — See Designated Vendor Program for external providers)
    • Editing and Writing
    • Photography

$120 per hour

  • Branding and Visual Identity Development
  • Custom Web Development
  • Video Production


Other Fees

  • Marketing Services rush fee (double the hourly rate): Rush fees for marketing services are double the hourly service rate. Projects are considered “rush” if they require a significantly compressed timeline from what is considered a typical timeline. Rush fees are assessed based on project scope and will be communicated before OUC begins work. Note: Rush fees do not apply for internal print services, but may apply for external print services.
  • Marketing Services additional review fee: Additional review fees are double the hourly service rate and apply to projects that exceed the typical four rounds of design review:
    • Round 1 consists of reviewing and approving final copy prior to moving into design.
    • Round 2 consists of reviewing initial layout and providing feedback.
    • Round 3 consists of reviewing revised layout and providing final feedback.
    • Round 4 consists of approving final project for production.
  • Marketing Services production expenses (at cost): All production expenses incurred by the Office of Communications on behalf of a Brown client will be reflected in the invoice. Examples of marketing production expenses include the cost to send emails on fee-for-service email marketing platforms, purchase digital advertising or purchase specialty imagery or illustrations.
  • Print Services external vendor handling fee (15 percent of production cost): An external vendor handling fee of 15 percent must be assessed by Print Services to cover internal costs of managing all print and mail projects and promotional items delivered by external vendors. Print Services operates at Brown as a fully cost-recovered operation. The cost-recovery fee for managing external vendors pays for the following:
    • Obtaining multiple vendor quotes
    • Managing proof review and approval processes on behalf of the Brown client
    • Conducting press checks, if applicable
    • Delivering projects to specified location(s)
    • Generating purchase orders
    • Processing invoices and payments to vendors