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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I contact for business cards and letterhead?
A: Order Brown standard stationery items online at
For any non-standard stationery items, call Client Relations at (401) 863-2258.

Q: What is the usual turnaround time for printing?
This can vary based on complexity. Allow a minimum of 5 working days for production after printer's proof approval.

Q: I've already approved a proof from the designer. Why am I receiveing another one?
Once a "design" proof is approved, the file moves into production. A "printer's" proof is generated to insure nothing has changed from the designer's version and the version output by their pre-press department. This is standard practice in the printing industry.

Q: What do I do with the printer's proof?
You have 3 choices. Make changes and want to see another proof. You may have minimal changes and not want to see another proof, or, the proof may be perfect and ok to print without revisions. In all 3 cases, the folder and all of it's contents with a signed and dated form must be returned to Client Relations at 167 Angell Street, lower level, or production will not commence.

Q: What is the availability of the designers, and how fast can they design my piece?
There are 4 talented Designers, all are very efficient. The complexity of your piece and the finality of your content will affect the timeline. Provide as much lead-time as possible. To arrange an appointment with one of our Graphic Designers, contact Client Relations at (401) 863-2258.

Q: What are the best design programs?
A: There are 2 industry-standard graphic design software packages: Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress. See Supported Software for more information.

Q: Is Photoshop ok to layout design?
A: Adobe Photoshop is an image manipulation program. While there are options for using text, it is not recommended for page layout. Text created in Photoshop will rasterized and result in deteriorated text quality. It is also uneditable.

Q: Is Illustrator or Freehand ok to layout my design?
A: Adobe Illustrator and Freehand are vector-based illustration programs used for logo and graphic creation and not recommended for page layout. In some cases, they may be used for simple, one page designs. Please contact Graphic Services before initiating any design for print other than a logo or graphic in either of these programs.

If you have any additional questions, call Client relations at 863-2258. They're happy to help!