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Office Equipment Program

Copier: ir2230Graphic Services Office Equipment Program provides needs assessment for departments requiring networked multifunctional office equipment. The Office Equipment Program will assist departments with financing copier purchases if needed.

Industry focus has shifted to multi-functional digital devices enabling all-in-one print/fax/copy/scan functions to provide a higher level of convenience and cost savings.

The Office Equipment Program manages sales, service and maintenance programs for departments and university affiliates. End users handle service dispatch for their copiers directly. Call NECS at 1-800-321-6327, extension 1-7591 for service or 1-7353 for toner. Toner is included at no additional cost, it is not necessary to purchase copier toner from any other source.

Staples are not included in the maintenance program.

Click here for new service and toner order directions:

Your Brown ID may be used as a copy/print card by adding cash value to your Bear Bucks account at the ValuePort (formally known as the declining balance account)  or at Cashier's Office. 
Click here for more information regarding Brown IDs

You can also purchase a guest copy/print card(non refundable) at a ValuePort for $1 and add value to your Guest card.  A copy/print card allows you to utilize the library self-service copiers and cluster printers on campus.
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Questions? Call 863-6582