The Cost of Attendance is often referred to as the Cost of Education or Estimated Budget.  There are two types of costs Direct/Billed costs and Indirect Estimated Costs. 

2014-15 Cost of Attendance

Direct/Billed Costs




Room and Board (Housing and Meals)


Subtotal - Direct cost




Indirect Estimated Cost








Total Direct and Indirect Cost


Direct/billed costs are charges that are billed directly to your student account (student bill) each semester such as tuition, mandatory fees and room and board.  Room and board are charges for your housing and your meal plans and although these charges can vary individually, the Office of Financial Aid uses these amounts as maximum thresholds for scholarship eligibility. 

Indirect estimated costs do not appear on your student account (student bill) and vary based on the individual students.  These costs include books, personal expenses, and possibly travel.  The Office of Financial Aid establishes maximum allowances for these costs each year.

Paying for Books – Students should plan on arriving at Brown with funds to purchase books and school supplies for their first semester.  Students generally pay for these expenses with funds they have earned over the summer.  Students often use funds earned during their campus employment to purchase books for the second semester.

Paying for Personal Expenses – These costs vary significantly from student to student.  These costs include laundry, daily living supplies, and other miscellaneous items.

**Travel allowance – For US/Canadian residents, an allowance for travel will be added to your Cost of Attendance based on distance from campus.  Students and parents are required to arrange transportation and finance applicable costs, back and forth to Brown.  To pay for travel, students are expected to use a portion of the funds they earn over the summer, as well as funds that are earned throughout the academic year as part of a student’s on or off campus employment.

For international students receiving financial aid from Brown, the documented cost of one round trip airfare to/from campus during the student’s entire Brown career can be factored into the travel allowance.