A new PLUS Loan application process will be implemented beginning with the 2015/2016 Academic Year. Visit our PLUS application page to learn more.

May 2015 Graduates:  You'll have requirements to complete between April 15th - May 4th.  Visit our Exit Counseling page to learn more.  Learn about Loan Repayment & use our resources to understand your options.

Your Loans & Refunds:  Most loans for the spring semester have already been disbursed (paid to your student account).  If you have a credit balance on your student account, think about reducing the amount you've borrowed.
Send a detailed email to loans@brown.edu to reduce your loan amount.  If you actually need the full amount, request an electronic student account refund through the Bursar's Office.

Quick Links

Before You Borrow

Financing Options & Borrowing Wisely Learn about ways to pay your expenses; learn the basics about loans; make informed decisions about loans before you borrow.
Loan Application Process & Disbursement Learn how loans are offered to students, accepted, and disbursed to students accounts.
PLUS Loans Application Information and forms to complete the PLUS Loan application process.  
Federal Loan Repayment Calculator Estimate your monthly payment based on expected federal loan borrowing.
Student Loan Repayment Calculator BankRate.com offers a loan calculator that allows you to estimate monthly payments on any type of loan.
Glossary & Definitions Understand loan terms and jargon
Financial Literacy Brown's Get Your Bearings program - offering financial information to students

At Graduation or Leave Taking

Things to consider Learn about the impact on student loans, plan ahead for repayment.
Exit Counseling Federal & Institutional requirements that must be completed when you leave school or drop below 1/2 time status. (Even if you are returning to school at a later time.)
Grace Period Payments are not required yet, but it's a great time to tackle your loan debt.

Repay Your Loans

Planning Your Repayment You have options! Learn what decisions you'll need to make about your loans.
Loan Servicers & Making Payments Learn how and where to make payments.
Deferment & Forbearance Postpone or reduce your monthly loan payments.
Understanding Interest Learn how and when interest accrues, tips on reducing total cost.
Loan Repayment Plans Learn about the different repayment plans available for Federal Direct Stafford, PLUS, and Consolidation Loans. Some plans are based on your income.
Consolidation Combine your Perkins, LDS, and Stafford Loans into one new loan and take advantage of federal loan repayment plan options.
Cancellation / Discharge Some loans may be cancelled or discharged under certain circumstances.
Keep It Current / Avoid Default If you're having trouble making a plan or keeping your loan current, learn about options that can help.

What We Do

As part of Financial Services, the Loan Office assists students in meeting the cost of education and managing the repayment of educational loans. We help students make informed borrowing decisions, complete loan requirements, and understand the loan process. We are part of the Get Your Bearings Committee & help deliver financial literacy information to the Brown Community.

Call, Email, or Visit!

Contact us for help navigating the loan process, understanding your repayment options, or for help in bringing your loans current.


Our office emails important information to students' Brown email accounts. If you're looking for an update on your loan status, see if we have emailed you recently to help you complete the loan process