Applying Without the Committee Letter

***NOTE: This section will be updated during the second week of class in Fall 2014 as the current information is necessary to the students and alumni who applied in summer 2014.


If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Committee Letter but are otherwise prepared for the application process and meet all appropriate deadlines, Health Careers Advising can provide Credential Service to hold and send out your individual letters of recommendation for application to medical or other health profession schools. If well-prepared, applicants using our Credential Service, which includes a summary of their major accomplishments, have been successful in the application process.

Prior to submitting any materials to Health Careers Advising, applicants should make an appointment to speak with Dean Vassilev either in person or on the phone. The credential service is not available to applicants who do not meet all requirements and deadlines.

You will need to submit the following by July 4 2014:

When your AMCAS or other application is processed submit the following:

  • AMCAS (or other) Application with Processing Date
  • Mailing Form (Form 4)
  • Fee Payment of $50.00. Current students may pay by check or can have the fee charged to their student account. Alumni must pay by check. If you are granted a few waiver from AMCAS or otehr application system, provide a copy and we will gladly waive the Brown $50.00 fee. 

If you do not qualify for the Committee letter or the Credential Service, we will be glad to offer advising for your academic and professional planning. Students and alumni who do not use Health Careers Advising for their application to health careers schools may benefit from establishing an account with Interfolio to hold letters of recommendation on their behalf.