The Consequences of the Great Migration for Blacks in the U.S.

Director: Kenneth Chay
Collaborator: Kaivan Munshi
Research Theme: Consequences of Migration in Sending and Receiving Areas
Location: United States of America
Funding: PTSC Seed Funding

Kaivan Munshi and Chay are examining how the consequences of the Great Migration for blacks moving to northern cities depended in part on the presence of an effective civic culture and network support in their respective sending areas. They note that there was substantial variation across sending areas in the density of the black population and that a certain threshold of density was necessary to develop an effective social network prior to migration. Given that migrating blacks may have brought with them networking behaviors that were formed in their home areas, they hypothesize that black communities in northern cities with a large representation from areas with a higher-density black population will be more successful than those in cities with a large representation from low-density areas.